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Wills & Probate

Grays Harbor County Will Attorney

The Law Office of David Hatch, Inc"Getting Your Affairs in Order" - we use this expression a lot. We know we won't live forever, and there are specific things we want done to protect our loved ones and the assets we have accumulated.

Writing a Will Is the Responsible Thing to Do

Some people write wills when they are still in their prime. They have young children they want to protect in case something happens. More often, people getting on in years want their estates to be handled in a proper manner to accomplish their wishes.

The process is easy. It requires a thoughtful conversation and a few papers to sign. It will give you a feeling of genuine satisfaction.

Other Things You Might Think About

Durable power of attorney. While you are making out a will, think about setting up a durable power of attorney as well. A will doesn't do anything until you pass away. If you become disabled before then, or are unable to handle your own affairs, you should assign someone you trust the responsibility of making decisions for you. At The Law Office of David Hatch, Inc., we can help.

Community property agreement. This is for couples who have been married a long time. It says what happens when one spouse passes away. The spouse who has passed signs everything in his or her estate to the surviving spouse. This agreement helps married couples avoid going through the cost of two probates.

Living will. Also known as the directive to physicians or the advanced directive, this document states your intentions for the day you can no longer make a statement yourself. It describes whether you do or do not want extreme measures to be taken to keep you alive. This document removes a very difficult burden from your loved ones at a difficult time. We help clients draw up living wills and make sure family members are apprised of our client's wishes.

Able Assistance by an Aberdeen Probate Lawyer

The state of Washington conducts probate matters in Washington very privately, which is nicer for the families. Our firm works to keep this process painless.

Probate administration. We represent the personal representative to help carry out the deceased person's wishes and responsibilities. This includes finalizing taxes, settling court matters and disposing of creditor issues.

Grays Harbor County Will Lawyer

Contested wills. In addition, we represent parties when a will is contested. When probate decisions are examined in court, things can get messy. Our goal is to resolve these issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Put Grays Harbor and Pacific County wills and probate lawyer David Hatch to work for you. E-mail him or call 800-219-0512.

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