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When The Dark Clouds Gather, You Want The Best Lawyer You Can Find

At The Law Office of David Hatch, Inc., we are dedicated to the proposition that everyone is entitled to equal justice under the law, which begins with strong representation and a fair shot in court. Our attorney, David Hatch, is a former judge with an in-depth understanding of the legal process and court expectations.

Our legal representation starts by meeting, privately and face-to-face, in our conference room or at a place of your choosing. We listen to your situation until we are certain we understand it. We discuss our services, and your legal options, pro and con.

"The law does not like beginners. I have been practicing law here in Montesano for more than 20 years. Turn to me for effective legal representation." Attorney David Hatch

No, All Attorneys Are Not All The Same
The consequences for hiring the wrong attorney can be devastating. You need the right lawyer to solve your specific legal problem. The Law Office of David Hatch provides experienced legal counsel in the following practice areas:

  • Criminal law: This is the primary area of our practice. We offer aggressive, effective criminal defense representation. Call us first if you are under investigation or have been charged with a traffic violation, DUI, or any misdemeanor or felony offense. Mr. Hatch also assists people charged with fish and wildlife violations.
  • Landlord evictions: If you own a commercial or residential rental property and are having trouble with a renter, our firm can assist you with eviction litigation.
  • Wills and probate: Many people never make out a will and have no idea the confusion and delay this can create for their loved ones in probate. Our firm works to create clear estate pathways so that probate does not bog down.

Grays Harbor County Criminal Defense Attorney · Landlord Representation · Probate

From offices in Montesano, The Law Office of David Hatch represents clients in communities throughout Grays Harbor County and Pacific County, Washington. Call toll free at 800-219-0512 or use our convenient email contact form to schedule an initial consultation.

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