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Aggressively Confronting DUI Charges

At The Law Office of David Hatch, Inc., a major part of our criminal defense work involves DUI (driving under the influence) arrests. DUI is the most frequent criminal charge in Grays Harbor County, but that doesn’t mean it is a minor problem.

Drunk driving is one type of a DUI offense but not the only one. These charges can be filed against drivers who are allegedly under the influence of either alcohol or drugs when they are behind the wheel. Convictions lead to jail time, loss of license, significant fines, higher insurance rates and, very often, job loss as well. In addition to which, a DUI goes on your permanent record.

Successful Driver’s License Suspension Defense

Keeping their driving privileges is a primary concern of most clients. Attorney Hatch successfully represented countless clients in Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) hearings. In addition, we have obtained favorable outcomes for clients charged with driving on a suspended license (DWLS).

Many DUI Charges Can Be Beaten Outright

In our experience, many DUI charges can be beaten outright if you give it enough time and subject it to sufficient analysis. We are also successful in pleading DUIs down to a lesser charge, obtaining deferred prosecutions and having charges dropped entirely. We also help clients obtain alcohol or drug treatment when needed.

“Our goal is to help people get their lives back and to protect their rights.” — David Hatch, lawyer.

Get A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney On Your Side

Call us. You will find that we do not judge, nor do we play games with the law. Our sole concern is that you receive the most effective ethical representation possible and that your rights are protected every step of the way.

We know that DUIs and other offenses are major life-altering experiences for people and their loved ones. Sometimes, a mistake has been made. The goal is to learn from that mistake, but not to be ruined by an overzealous prosecution.

Our firm wants to help you and your family get through this and go on with your life. If you need this kind of help, email or call us at 800-219-0512.